Top 5 Smallest, Calmest, Dog Breeds

Top 5 Smallest, Calmest, Dog Breeds

The top five calmest dog breeds begin with the size and temperament of the animal. Typically medium to small dog breeds are labeled as the most calm and this is definitely a true fact!

#1 The Pug

Pugs, small, happy, and vastly popular, are actually the top rated animal for its calmness factor.


#2 The Bichon Frise

Aside from being the world's top rated hypo-allergenic dog, this animal is also rated #2 in the world for being a calm animal. So next time you want to have company over, don't stress that they will be annoyed by their allergies or their saneness!

#3 The Havanese

Cute, soft, and a bundle of joy, this dog breed isn't just known for its looks, its also rated #3 on the scale of inter-national calmness!

#4 The King Charles

Aside from having the cutest face in Europe in the 17th century, this puppy was also select for its acute calmness in the Royal Palace

#5 Japanese Chin

Happy, low-maintenance, and over-all a calm, laid back animal! This is our final pick for our top 5 smallest, calmest, dog breeds! Thank you for reading and tune in next week for another blog post!

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  • Luke Sparks
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