Why Do Dogs HATE Bathtime?

Why Do Dogs HATE Bathtime?

Baths... The worst nemesis of both dogs and owners. But why? Dogs seem to love water anywhere OTHER THAN the bathtub... So why is this the case? This week @ Park Pet Online, we will be covering just that!

Traumatic Experiences

Whether it's because the water was a tad bit to cold, or the dog slipped in the tub the first time, the animal will remember those facts. This causes the balking, screaming, howling, and puppy eyes. One way to prevent this monstrosity is to make sure EVERYTHING is perfect the first time that pup sets foot into the tub!


All dogs have a line that can be crossed, and unfortunately baths are one of them. Bath time is normally a forced option upon an animal and that animal always has to submit, thus making you the alpha in this equation. 


There is rarely any occasion in which your animal slips, unless if you just used Pledge" floor cleaner on your cherry-oak hardwood, it's just not natural! So, when your shower / bathtub / sink has a bit of a slick side, the puppy does not understand why he can't hold his footing.


"So, how do I fix this," you ask. Well, I'm glad you inquired! Peanut butter works miracles not just on dry-land! Just slather that creamy goodness on a cleanable surface on or near the tub and your dog will give no care in the world that you're cleaning him with extra-strength BioSpot flea + tick treatment!


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